What To Look For When Buying Patio Furniture For Cheap

Which Dealers Offer Patio Furniture For Cheap At The Right Price?

So, you want to buy patio furniture for cheap? There is a lot of great cheaply made patio furniture available, but you need to know what you are looking for before you buy anything. The truth is that many dealers cut corners so that the furniture is more affordable. You get a bargain, but you also have patio furniture that will only last a few months. While it can be difficult to tell the different between a good con and quality craftsmanship, there are a few things you should look for when buying patio furniture at a cheap price. Just follow this article, and you should be able to find quality furniture for your patio without breaking the bank.

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When it comes to finding cheap patio furniture, it pays to be a little careful and really inspect what you’re looking to spend your money on.  You will need to look at things such as the style of the furniture, scratches and dents, is the structure of the patio furniture for cheap made of high quality or low quality materials, and a few other factors. Obviously you need to like the furniture you choose as well, so don’t discount your own taste when it comes to getting what you want.

Check the furniture’s style before looking into anything else. There are typically a wide variety of styles when you look for patio furniture for cheap, and many of the styles emulate more popular and expensive furniture. You need to look for something that really matches your home and patio. Do you want a modern patio with new styles, or do you want a nostalgic patio with older styles that harkens back to a few decades ago?

Think about your tastes, and you should be able to find the perfect cheap patio furniture for your home.


Many patio furniture pieces have cushions that make them easier to sit on for an extended period of time, but you need to ensure that the cushions are made of a quality material before buying the patio furniture. Start by checking the outer cover. Does it feel soft and luxurious, or hard and grating? You typically want an outer cover that is a bit softer, but it shouldn’t be so soft that it rips easily.

The next thing you need to check with patio furniture for cheap is the cushion’s filling. Much like with the outer cover, there are soft and firm cushions. While softer cushions might feel a bit better now, it’s in your best interest to get slightly firmer cushions. Softer cushions, once they settle, will become flimsy and they are prone to get uncomfortable. Firmer cushions will become more comfortable, and they will last longer.


This is one of the most important things you need to check when buying patio furniture for cheap. Many dealers create unstable pieces that wobble when you sit on them. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it’s also dangerous. This means that the furniture piece is ready to collapse. You can easily test the overall sturdiness by putting your hand on the side and gently rocking it back and forth. The furniture should be able to withstand this without showing any signs of wobbling. If it does wobble, then move onto the next piece.

You should then check the joints, and any areas where screws are used. The piece might have good overall stability, but it really matters how good these areas are. Rock the patio furniture for cheap again, and look at these areas. They should be stable, and there should be little to no movement.


Look for good, consistent paint on the patio furniture for cheap. Some pieces of very thick paint that looks unattractive, or the paint may have obvious brush strokes that aren’t commonly found it more expensive pieces. You can usually tell the difference between a good and cheap paint job by running your finger across it.

While a bad paint job isn’t a red flag in terms of quality construction, it does mean that the piece looks cheap. If you don’t mind sacrificing aesthetics for a better price, then this may not be too important to you. If you want a piece that looks really good, then pay attention to this.


There are many materials available for cheap patio furniture near local store. The main ones are wood, metal, plastic and composite wood. The two cheapest are plastic and composite wood. Although they are cheap, they are typically sturdy, and there are many pieces that look very good. Plastic has a certain texture that some people don’t like, but the furniture pieces themselves are typically quite good. Composite wood is the same because some people don’t like seeing the good because it is considered a mark of being cheap.

If you want better materials, then you need to go for wood or metal. However, since these materials are more expensive, you need to pay more attention to them. They don’t usually last as long as the other pieces, they have a higher tendency to rot and manufacturers try to cut more corners to keep costs down.

If you want wood, look for wood that is resistant to decay. Two of the best woods for this are cedar and redwood, but most other woods are treated so that you get the same resistance without the price. You also need to check the joints. They should be dove-tailed into each other, not just glued together. If they are glued together without being fed into each other, then the piece has a higher tendency to fall apart.

If you buy metal, then you need strong metal that won’t bend. You can usually test this by sitting on the patio furniture for cheap. The metal should be able to hold you without creaking and swaying. The metal also needs to be rust-resistant, and you should be prepared to clean it regularly.

Consider Used

You can usually get great pieces of patio furniture for cheap if you buy them used. While there are some used pieces that look like garbage, there are others that just have some slight wear. If you don’t mind buying cushions or painting the piece, then you can get some amazing furniture for a good bargain.


Finding quality patio furniture for cheap isn’t that difficult, but you need to inspect the piece before buying it to ensure you are getting something good. Some unscrupulous manufacturers don’t mind cutting corners. If you check all of the above before buying the piece, then you should be just fine.

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